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If so, Associates in Nutrition can help. Why? Because we believe Obesity is a Disease and we treat it like one!

Associates In Nutrition is here to educate, inspire, and enhance your health through nutrition – one meal at a time.

Just Don't Eat So Much?

The cliché sounds good but (no surprise to you) dieting just doesn’t work. For decades you’ve been taught that obesity was a matter of choice, but who chooses to be fat? No, obesity is not your fault. Like a fever is often a sign of infection, obesity is a sign of disease. It’s called Insulin Resistance.

Treating Obesity as a Disease

It will take more than a diet. It will take commitment, and especially knowledge. To treat obesity, you will have to really understand the true nature of the problem you’re dealing with. Providing that knowledge is what we do.

Bottom Line

The Registered Dietitians of Associates in Nutrition are here to educate, to inspire, and to enhance the health of their patients through nutrition – one person, one family, or one meal at a time. To learn more, click here to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Little changes, big results.

We’ve helped dozens of patients achieve weight loss success. 

“After only five weeks working with Stephanie, I feel so much healthier! I have more energy than I have had in a very long time!”

K. S.

“Compassionate, understanding and encouraging whether problem is physical or emotional. Has been my mainstay for many years. All personnel helps 110%. Nutritional and diabetes education excellent from HealthWay.”

B. S.

“Thank you for always pushing me to do my best even through this pandemic.”

Y. S.

“Danni has been an absolute angel and incredibly helpful. Never any judgement even on the months I could’ve done better with my nutrition. I even recommended a fellow friend that had weight loss surgery to see her. I would recommend again and again. 10/10.”

E. S.

“Danni has been amazing at showing me how to work with my tools. She is always willing to explain things to me or take a quick call if I have questions. The whole office is kind, courteous. They all remember me and compliment my success. They are a great team and 10/10 would recommend! Can’t say enough good things. Especially Danni!”

A. T.

“I would not be in a healthier position if I did;t have your help. You and your office staff treat me with kindness and respect. By coming regularly, it keeps me focused. I feel great, at 75 I feel healthier than I have in years thanks to you.”

D. F.

“I have been a diabetes client of Deborah at Healthway RI for just about a year. She has always addressed my concerns, is very easy to talk to, and often suggests food products and coping skills for both weight and insulin management. From our initial meeting, she fully invested in educating me on the role of food (particularly carbs and fiber), exercise, and stress in my diabetes treatment. Deborah is patient, upbeat, and insightful. I was totally overwhelmed when diagnosed with this ongoing challenge, and I have now adapted so many of Deb’s suggestions and dietary changes to my daily life. I feel I have found a new and trusted friend.”

M. C.

You’re well worth it.

By combining a comprehensive assessment of your personal preferences and lifestyle, we’ll design the weight loss strategy that works best for you. As you build healthy habits, we’ll be here providing compassionate support throughout your weight loss journey.

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